Oltrepò Pavese

Oltrepo’ Pavese is a hilly territory of unspoiled beauty. For centuries, elements in its clay-and-limestone soil have combined to create the finest grapevines. Their quality was recognized even in pre-Roman times, as attested by Pliny, Strabo and Virgil. Located in Lombardy, it owes its name to its peculiar position south of the Po River and merging with the northern Appenines. The area vaunts outstanding traditions and cultures, influenced by sea,
mountan and plain. It alone produces more than 70% of DOCcertified wines.


Valpolicella is one of the most prestigious areas in the Italian wine-producing panorama. Its very name, deriving from val polis cellae, “valley of many wine cellars”, points to its rich, ancient enological activity. Situated to the north of Verona, it borders on Lake Garda, protected on the north by the Lessini mountains.
Nearly everywhere, its enchanting hill country is dominated by vineyards. The unique traits of its terroir form the foundation for its wines’uniqueness.

Provincia di Verona

The Province of Verona is a land of ancient vineyards and wines. Here, down through the centuries, growers have managed to preserve the native grapevines, guaranteeing the stable excellence of its wines. A rich, variegated terroir derived from glacial deposits lends the grapevines peculiar characteristics which ensure unique results in appearance, aroma and taste. Our facilities are located a few kilometers south of Lake Garda, in a mild climate zone cradling a high-quality, varied expanse of vineyards.

Conegliano and Valdobbiadene

The highest expression of Prosecco comes from the DOCG embracing 15 historic hill towns between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. This territory, of disarming beauty, presents a cultural landscape of unique value. Born of manual labor characterizing a viticulture defined as "heroic" Its ancient sparkling wine tradition goes back to 1876.