wine and the senses

This wine is ruby-red. Its aroma presents a wide range of notes, initially suggesting blackberry jam and preserved cherries, and then hinting at toasted coffee beans, dark chocolate, vanilla and cinnamo. The taste is harmonious, all-embracing and kind.


The morainic terrain of its vineyards lies south of Lake Garda. The varieties used to produce this Red are cultivated in certified areas (GDC) using Trent pergolas. Average yield is 3.5 kilos per plant.

food mates

Its robust structure nicely accompanies even rare, noble foods, such as game and braised meat. Its character, strong but refined, also makes it worthy of being imbibed alone, as a wine for meditation. It is served at a temperature of 18°C.

6,5 gr./l.
6-8 years
grape variety
Corvina, Merlot

The grapes are harvested manually between the end of September and early October. Only the ripest, perfectly healthy clusters are chosen. The grapes are dried in a fruit shed at natural temperatures and humidity for approximately 3 months, depending on the weather. The dried grapes are stemmed and soft-pressed. The pressed grapes are placed in steel vats and inoculated with carefully selected yeasts. Fermentation proceeds slowly and at low temperatures so as best to extract the color, tannins and aromas of the grapeskin. Then, part of the mass ripens with yeasts in steel vats, while another part ages in wooden barrels.

138 calories

750ml/1,5 L

16 % vol .

awards received
750ml € 25,00
1,5L € 66,00