WE MAKE<span class="big-h1 c-pink">WINES</span>FOR FRIENDS
Our wine was born out of friendship. Jako Wine emerged from the encounter between a wise enologist and a tireless, expert ambassador of wine. Passion, love, courage: such were the seeds giving life to a great family of wines. At first, we produced wine exclusively for friends: a few bottles enjoyed in good company during meetings and celebrations. At that time, we had no plans for selling such a precious product, one so near to our heart. Still, we were proud of all the aromas and nuances that we’d been able to cup into one wineglass. Encouraged by our convictions and by the constant appreciation of those who enjoyed our products, we finally decided to share our fine wines. We decided to market them. Without forgetting our original idea, though: to make wines for friends, and for anyone able to appreciate our philosophy.


our<span class="big-h1 c-pink">mission</span>
Research conducted by our wine maker and our agronomist has led us to recognize the best, most fertile terroir. From preparation of the soil to vine management, the entire process reflects sheer perfectionism. Exclusively manual harvesting and grape processing reflect criteria dictated by our experts. the final result is a top-quality product. The company’s preparation and choice of cru demand specialization which creates the wine's distinctive fingerprint, and the guiding light for our best quality production. Each phase in the succeeding process demands preservation of the wines at carefully calculated temperatures. They are transported at controlled temperatures, ensuring aroma and quality. Not only geography and production method, but constant dedication, constantly guarantee the highest quality.


SEVERINO BARZAN &<span class="big-h1 c-pink">JAKO WINE</span>
One could never have imagined a better partnership than the one between Jako and Severino Barzan. With his unique wine collection, Severino, owner of the Bottega del Vino, has long been one of the best-known personages in the world of wine. He was named “Man of the Year” in 1998 by Revue du Vin de France; the Bacchus Society of America has considered him as one of the outstanding vintners; he won the “Best Award of Excellence”, the most prestigious honor bestown by the famous magazine, Wine Spectator. Such enological treasures throughout Italy and abroad, have enabled the production of the great wines included in the exclusive Severino collection.