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The intense yellow color is presents golden highlights. Its aroma is complex yet delicate. Fruit-like notes emerge, of pear and peach in particular. It presents itself to the palate as well-structured. The tastiness is durable. After a few moments in the wineglass, this Pinot Grigio develops its full aromatic qualities.

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Harmonious in structure, Pinot Grigio exalts the qualities of imposing entrées, baccalà, and intensely-flavored cheeses, including herbenhanced ones. Serve at a temperature of 12-14°.

70 calories


13% vol.


A Guyot cultivation system is used. The terrain, lying near the south shores of Lake Garda, is morainic. The vine rows face North-South. Plant density is 4,400 vines per hectare, with an average yield of 2 kilos per vine.

6,5 gr./l.
3-4 years

The grapes are harvested by hand only. The must is obtained through a slow, progressive pressing of whole grapes. The mass ferments at controlled temperatures in steel vats containing carefully selected yeasts. This Pinot Grigio is kept in ferment for about 4 months and then bottled. It is sold only after resting in the bottle for approximately 2 months.

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100% Pinot Grigio
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